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Restaurant offers

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment

restaurant tableSorry for keeping quiet for some time – a lot of things has happened since, but I couldn’t miss out on sharing this information with you. I’ve moved from being staying-in is the new going out – back to going-out person again. Swapping takeaway meals to a proper restaurant food. Food is food and takeaways ain’t that bad and it’s cheaper you may say. Yes, 90% of the time I’d agree, but there’s plenty of good restaurant offers out there to be spoiled. What most of us don’t notice is that restaurants these days are hungry for business. Did you see news coverage about what happened during Olympics? London 2012 was almost like a small disaster for restauranteurs – the places were empty – near deserted – people were avoiding London. Some of us, like me for example, found this like a blessing from the sky – no need to book a table – lots of good deals and offers around.  Were you also one of the people who enjoyed it?

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