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Pizza takeaways in Manchester

September 13, 2014 Leave a comment

There’s loads of small wood oven fired pizza places in and around Manchester. It’s a good mix really of shops from larger chains like Domino’s, Papa Johns and the likes.Manchester pizza There are however few pizza takeaways in Manchester that are worth mentioning in this post and that Mancunians should take notice of. I know some might not deliver as far as ones house, but still you might find some that do.

Pronto pizza on Kingsway is one of the takeaways we like. They do all favorites and few local pizza types like Mancunian:

1.     MargheritaVegetarian
Cheese, tomato & herbs

2.     FunghiVegetarian
Double mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

3.     Hawaiian
Ham & pineapple

4.     Pepperoni
Double pepperoni, cheese, tomato & herbs

5.     Ham & Mushrooms
Double ham, double mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

6.     Meat Feast
Pepperoni, ham, beef, cheese, tomato & herbs

7.     Beefy One
Double beef, mushrooms, onions, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

8.     Sausage Duet
Pepperoni, salami, red onions, cheese, tomato & herbs

9.     Hot & Spicy
Pepperoni, beef, mixed peppers, onions, jalapeno, cheese, tomato & herbs

10.     American Hot
Pepperoni, beef, bacon, onions, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

11.     Three Piglets
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, onions, jalapenos, cheese, tomato & herbs

12.     All in One
Pepperoni, beef, ham, onions, mixed peppers, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

13.     Indian Delight
Tikka sauce, tandoori chicken, chillies, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

14.     Basil`s Chicken
Garlic butter, chillies, onions, tandoori chicken, cheese & mushrooms

15.     BBQ Chicken
BBQ sauce, chicken, sweetcorn, mixed peppers, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

16.     Chicken Feast
Chicken, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

17.     Russian Hot
Garlic butter, chillies, tandoori chicken, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

18.     Seafood
Tuna, anchovies, prawns, olives, fresh tomato, cheese, tomato & herbs

19.     Tuna Solo
Tuna, jalapenos, onions, cheese, tomato & herbs

20.     Vegetarian
Mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn, cheese, tomato & herbs

21.     Vegetarian Hot
Mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

22.     Vegetarian Sweet
Mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn, pineapple, cheese, tomato & herbs

23.     Create Your Own Pizza
Cheese, tomato & herbs pizza with 4 toppings of your choice

24.     Mancunian
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, red onion, tomato, herbs & cheese

25.     Tuna Feast

PayPal still is the king when it comes to making online payments

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

It seems so natural to think of PayPal when it comes to making online payments like it is when we think of Internet when we see WWW. It has gained our trust as the number one secure and fast payment provider in the World. Like it or not, but there’s no other real alternative that would compete in popularity. One can even order a hot meal from local takeaway and pay online with PayPal. Some of the biggest food ordering websites are advertising that you can order takeaway food and pay with PayPal. It’s great for people who do lots of business online, like eBay sales, etc.paypal food bowl

For even more savvy online currency users there’s even a chance to pay for a meal using BitCoin. Yes, there’s takeaways accepting BitCoin now. It is expected to become more and more popular as it’s one of the way how people can avoid banks all together. Time will tell if BitCoin is here to stay, but it definitely an option that’s available now.

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