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Dostawa pizzy w Warszawie

December 21, 2018 Leave a comment

W Warszawie jest wiele ciekawych pizzerii, które warto odwiedzić. Zamów pizzę online na dostawę lub odbiór osobisty! Świeża i gorąca pizza w 30min! Przynajmniej takie są nasze pizzerie. Większość z nich dostarczy pizzę do domu w ciągu 30 minut do godziny, a wszystkie popularne rodzaje pizzy będą dostępne do wyboru. Nawet duże marki, takie jak Domino Pizza są dostępne.


Mało znane, ukryte gdzieś w małych uliczkach Starej Ochoty. Klimatycznie, wieczorem całkiem romantycznie na kolację we dwoje! Pizzę w podziemiach restauracji, w otwartej kuchni, kręci Włoch, Marco, który być może na deser poczęstuje Was calzone z Nutellą. Rozpusta! Zachwalana, osławiona, znana. Musieliśmy sprawdzić! Całkiem przyjemny, niezobowiązujący lokal ze stolikami bardzo blisko pizzaiolo, więc można nieustannie podglądać, jak powstaje nasza pizza. Obecnie mają już w Warszawie małe włoskie imperium. Oprócz chyba najbardziej obleganego lokalu na Kondratowicza, na Bródnie, ich pizzę można zjeść na ul. Nałęczowskiej 60, na ul. Kolejowej 47 oraz na ul. Kościuszki 38 a w Markach. Dla nas to miejsce ma nieodparty urok!

Spróbuj nowej pizzy Górskiej z wędzonym serem, żurawiną i crème Fraîche. Zamów teraz! Firmowy Ser. Delikatny Sos. Świeże Ciasto. Wyselekcjonowane Dodatki. Świeże Produkty.

Nasza pizzeria na Woli to również bardzo korzystne promocje, dzięki którym zjesz swoje ulubione dania w dużej niższej cenie. Nasi goście mają gwarancję, że na ich talerzu znajdą się doskonałe kompozycje smakowe, a fani włoskiej kuchni znajdą tutaj coś dla siebie.

Best Pizza Restaurants In London

March 24, 2018 Comments off

144552961032430[1]Has London achieved pizza crest? It doesn’t appear as though it – we can’t get enough of the stuff nowadays. Perhaps it’s a group up-yours to carb-starved wellbeing eating. Perhaps it’s simply flavorful – in any case, you don’t see lines, for example, those accomplished in Stoke Newington in the weeks after the opening of L’antica Pizzeria Da Michele unless you have a thing going on. 90 minutes – still – to sit tight for a table? Get a takeaway – or attempt one of our other most loved pizza joints in the capital.

Home specialists cherish places like Yard Sale Pizza; mixture is an intense divining-bar for gentrification. Yard Sale pizza is madly hip; it is clever of name and cool of text style. It was begun, actually, in one of the organizers’ back yard, graduated to dinner clubs and now has three east London branches including its most recent, Walthamstow. It jumps at the chance to run constrained joint efforts; forthcoming is unified with Indian road nourishment purveyor Rola Wala, from April 3-17: an uncommon called the Nagaland Warrior. For’s the love be careful the roasted scorpion bean stew (the most sultry on the planet) in the center: standard disclaimers apply.

Pizza Pilgrims is up and running on its first perpetual East London site, on Shoreditch High St, which charmingly is BYO (whatever you like, from home blend to Brunello). Next up is West India Quay, opening on May 1 of every a Victorian block distribution center with 120 spreads and an outside porch that seats 70 – a long ways from PP’s beginnings in its small Piaggio Ape van. The new space will have a “pizza play area” including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. In any case, the nature of the pizza does not request such fancy odds and ends.

Princi isn’t Neapolitan. What it is a Milanese symbol, conveyed to London in 2008 by Alan Yau and as yet serving delicious prepared merchandise, amazing new plates of mixed greens and immaculate pizza that has the firm chewy adjust under control. The cut focacce are staggering as well, for a lunch on the fly.

Everybody needs to attempt a pizza from Franco Manca. What’s more, given that there are currently 35 branches of this pizza chain, with additional to come soon, practically everyone can, without over-burdening the shoe calfskin. This was a distinct advantage when Blacks originator Giuseppe Mascoli first lit the broilers in Brixton in 2008, and it’s been consuming brilliant from that point onward. Phenomenal moderate demonstrated sourdough pizza with an accentuation on great quality base fixings: that is love.

Three south-London local people serving incredible, and extraordinary esteem, sourdough pizza made with painstakingly picked crisp fixings and a 36-hour-in addition to demonstrate on its natural Shipton Mill flour bases. Mamma Dough serves a blend of the work of art (margherita, fallen angel, john o’ goat – ha) and locally shifting specials. Brixton, Peckham and Honor Oak Park. In vogue: Coldharbour Lane has progressed significantly.

Homeslice isn’t one for traditionalists. Truly, they complete a mean margherita, with impeccably salty smoky mixture and simply the correct base/sauce proportion, yet the menu here is imaginative – with garnishes, for example, xo pig cheek, collard greens and crackling furikake, conceivably an excess of so for a few. It’s the direct opposite of da Michele. Be that as it may, it is tasty. There’s technique in their franticness.

Quartieri, opening early April in Kilburn, is conveyed to you by the general population behind the acclaimed Pizza Trianon Vomero back in old Napoli. Pizzas will be founded on a family formula going back to 1923, utilizing customarily processed flour given a moderate demonstrate with insignificant business yeast. The inside is intended to bring out the mother city herself, with four quarters (thus the name) inspiring four diverse Neapolitan locale, all based on a cutting edge streak fire pizza stove. Gelupo gelato will likewise be accessible, and wines will incorporate the delightful Franciacorta shimmering from Brescia (move over, prosecco).

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Pizza a domicilio en Córdoba

pizza CórdobaEl restaurante Pizzería de Córdoba, te lleva hasta casa lo mejor de la comida italiana. Disfruta de sus platos al mejor precio y la mejor calidad sin moverte del sofá. Te recomendamos que empieces con algunas de sus especialidades: calzone pomodoro, pizza carbonara, pizza barbacoa. Estamos seguros de que te encantarán. No lo dudes y pide ahora comida italiana a domicilio en Cordoba.

Una empresa familiar. Nos avala una amplia trayectoria en el sector de más de 20 años, que abarca desde el delivery o reparto a domicilio, hasta el servicio de atención al cliente en el local. Es el resultado de un proyecto llevado a cabo con mucho entusiasmo e ilusión, cuya principal máxima es ofrecer a nuestros clientes unas pizzas de gran calidad elaboradas con ingredientes frescos y 100% naturales, siempre a un precio inmejorable, siendo plenamente conscientes de que es lo que el mercado demanda debido a los difíciles tiempos que corren.

Es una restaurante muy llamativo en su decoración . Es muy original en cada detalle. Las pizzas igualmente están buenísimas y enormes , por no hablar del sabor que es aún mejor . El personal que trabaja es muy amable.

Hemos ido varias veces. Puedes elegir las pizzas de la carta o pedir una a tu gusto. Tanto sabores como masa estupendos. Para mi gusto, las hamburguesas normalitas en general. Sin embargo, si es cierto que yo siempre me decanto por las pizzas. Cabe destacar también, el ambiente del local y su decoración junto con el buen rollo de los empleados.

Fuimos mi esposo y yo a comer al restaurante y la verdad nos encantó a los dos. Pedimos de entrada unas empanadas que estaban buenísimas. A mi me gusta la pizza sencilla la famosa margarita porque con esta pizza saboreas los verdaderos sabores de el queso y la masa y el sabor de esta pizza es increíblemente rico. Lo recomiendo.

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Pizza takeaways in Manchester

September 13, 2014 Leave a comment

There’s loads of small wood oven fired pizza places in and around Manchester. It’s a good mix really of shops from larger chains like Domino’s, Papa Johns and the likes.Manchester pizza There are however few pizza takeaways in Manchester that are worth mentioning in this post and that Mancunians should take notice of. I know some might not deliver as far as ones house, but still you might find some that do.

Pronto pizza on Kingsway is one of the takeaways we like. They do all favorites and few local pizza types like Mancunian:

1.     MargheritaVegetarian
Cheese, tomato & herbs

2.     FunghiVegetarian
Double mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

3.     Hawaiian
Ham & pineapple

4.     Pepperoni
Double pepperoni, cheese, tomato & herbs

5.     Ham & Mushrooms
Double ham, double mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

6.     Meat Feast
Pepperoni, ham, beef, cheese, tomato & herbs

7.     Beefy One
Double beef, mushrooms, onions, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

8.     Sausage Duet
Pepperoni, salami, red onions, cheese, tomato & herbs

9.     Hot & Spicy
Pepperoni, beef, mixed peppers, onions, jalapeno, cheese, tomato & herbs

10.     American Hot
Pepperoni, beef, bacon, onions, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

11.     Three Piglets
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, onions, jalapenos, cheese, tomato & herbs

12.     All in One
Pepperoni, beef, ham, onions, mixed peppers, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

13.     Indian Delight
Tikka sauce, tandoori chicken, chillies, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

14.     Basil`s Chicken
Garlic butter, chillies, onions, tandoori chicken, cheese & mushrooms

15.     BBQ Chicken
BBQ sauce, chicken, sweetcorn, mixed peppers, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

16.     Chicken Feast
Chicken, tandoori chicken, sweetcorn, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

17.     Russian Hot
Garlic butter, chillies, tandoori chicken, mushrooms, cheese, tomato & herbs

18.     Seafood
Tuna, anchovies, prawns, olives, fresh tomato, cheese, tomato & herbs

19.     Tuna Solo
Tuna, jalapenos, onions, cheese, tomato & herbs

20.     Vegetarian
Mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn, cheese, tomato & herbs

21.     Vegetarian Hot
Mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, chillies, cheese, tomato & herbs

22.     Vegetarian Sweet
Mixed peppers, onions, sweetcorn, pineapple, cheese, tomato & herbs

23.     Create Your Own Pizza
Cheese, tomato & herbs pizza with 4 toppings of your choice

24.     Mancunian
Pepperoni, ham, bacon, red onion, tomato, herbs & cheese

25.     Tuna Feast

PayPal still is the king when it comes to making online payments

September 12, 2014 Leave a comment

It seems so natural to think of PayPal when it comes to making online payments like it is when we think of Internet when we see WWW. It has gained our trust as the number one secure and fast payment provider in the World. Like it or not, but there’s no other real alternative that would compete in popularity. One can even order a hot meal from local takeaway and pay online with PayPal. Some of the biggest food ordering websites are advertising that you can order takeaway food and pay with PayPal. It’s great for people who do lots of business online, like eBay sales, etc.paypal food bowl

For even more savvy online currency users there’s even a chance to pay for a meal using BitCoin. Yes, there’s takeaways accepting BitCoin now. It is expected to become more and more popular as it’s one of the way how people can avoid banks all together. Time will tell if BitCoin is here to stay, but it definitely an option that’s available now.

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Takeaways in London – which is best?

January 1, 2014 Leave a comment

ImageIt will probably be very difficult to determine the best takeaway overall in London as it requires a review based on the food they do (type or cuisine), delivery speed and whole range of other things. Cuisine or type of the food plays a massive role in such review as I doubt you can rank a place doing fried chicken next to a curry house or Thai takeaway – not that frying chicken requires less skill, but it’s not the same and most of people would agree.

So, if we look at takeaways in London again (simply because it’s one of the biggest cities in Europe and World) then we can start by grouping them into few mainstream or more popular types of establishments and shortlist some restaurants with food delivery that would be worth checking out if you live locally.


  • Corleone Pizzeria in Colliers Wood
  • Fiore D’Olivo in Golders Green
  • Pizza Classico Finest in Southwark

The shortlisted takeaways are in no particular order and just our own personal selection. We’ve gone for the wood fired oven ones as the superior taste it brings to the dough cannot be replaced by any modern electric or gas fired oven.

Pizza takeaways in London – the ultimate list

November 9, 2013 Leave a comment

When you think of pizza in London you obviously think of the big brands like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Pizza GoGo, but there’s a lot more to that. There’s quite a few of those little gems – Italian wood oven fired pizzerias where you might get some authentic Italian food as well as lovely thin pizza with delicious toppings.Removing Pizza from the Oven

Sunny Side Up Pizza
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Muffuletta Pizza
Frozen Peanut Butter Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Caramelized Onion Pizza
Cheese Calzone
Thai Pizza
Grilled Pizza
Pizza Pie
Roasted Garlic and Peppers
Broccoli Deep Dish Pizza
Chicago Style Pizza
Philly Cheesesteak Pizza
Seafood Pizza
Pesto Pizza
Tex-Mex Pizza
Fruit Pizza

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Pay for your food using PayPal

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

paypal-logo[1]It’s by far the most popular and definitely a secure method of online payments. PayPal can now be used even to pay for your food. There’s a whole lot of takeaways accepting PayPal as the means of payment for their food deliveries. This includes the 7k+ takeaways on website and also Dominos pizza which has got pretty much whole of the UK covered between the two. So, having no cash in your pockets is not an excuse anymore when it comes to ordering tasty meals online.

Find out takeaway hygiene score

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Have you ever though about how clean is the kitchen of your favorite takeaway? The easiest way to find out the scores on the doors from local takeaway is of course on the official website of Foods Standards Agency:[1]

However it might be tricky to filter out takeaway restaurants from all of the food serving / preparing establishments listed on Food Standards Agency website. You might want to try or which another service using the official data and ratings.

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The Cuban in Camden / London

October 3, 2012 1 comment

Bringing taste of the Havana to the ever popular and vibrant part of the London – also known as Camden.The Cuban in Camden London Fantastic selection of rums and the Mojito cocktail they make is great. The food is what you’d expect from a Cuban restaurant – wraps – food to share. The Cuban in Camden also influences from neighboring Caribbean islands to produce our homemade curries as well as using traditional Spanish methods of cooking to produce our paella to share. What I like about this place is that you can bring your friends around – share some food – get drinks and just enjoy the night. Love this place.

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