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Takeaways in London – which is best?

ImageIt will probably be very difficult to determine the best takeaway overall in London as it requires a review based on the food they do (type or cuisine), delivery speed and whole range of other things. Cuisine or type of the food plays a massive role in such review as I doubt you can rank a place doing fried chicken next to a curry house or Thai takeaway – not that frying chicken requires less skill, but it’s not the same and most of people would agree.

So, if we look at takeaways in London again (simply because it’s one of the biggest cities in Europe and World) then we can start by grouping them into few mainstream or more popular types of establishments and shortlist some restaurants with food delivery that would be worth checking out if you live locally.


  • Corleone Pizzeria in Colliers Wood
  • Fiore D’Olivo in Golders Green
  • Pizza Classico Finest in Southwark

The shortlisted takeaways are in no particular order and just our own personal selection. We’ve gone for the wood fired oven ones as the superior taste it brings to the dough cannot be replaced by any modern electric or gas fired oven.

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